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Damietta Export Facility


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Propane shipping and exporting/importing facility is located within New Damietta port.
Damietta Facility is used as propane export/import terminal, with ship loading/unloading facilities,  where Propane is received from the NGL plant through a ten-inch pipeline 51 kilometers long at the main propane tank (capacity of 30 thousand cubic meters ) within Damietta port . The propane is refrigerated through a highly efficient refrigeration unit.
The design of the facilitiy considered the possibility of future expansions through adding one or more additional tanks and related facilities.
The facility was constructed on 207 Acre, provided by a marine jetty to receive tankers up to capacity of 80 thousand cubic meter, 230 meter long and 13.5 meter draft.
Importing propane is done through the same jetty in the reverse direction by pumping the propane to the tank and then use the stored propane for loading it to the EPP (Egyptian company for propylene and polypropylene) as a raw material for their petrochemical industries by heating and pumping the refrigerated propane through the 10 inch pipeline where the plant is located in port-said next to the UGDC plant.


Energy conservation & new technologies applied

Cryogenic Pumps, wetted motor type submerged pump, especially suited for ultra low temperature liquefied gas such as LNG, LPG and LEG is fitted in the storage tank in Damietta.

Submerged wetted motor configuration eliminates leakage of liquids and makes pump construction simple, long bearing service life by minimal gearing load design.



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