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UGDC‘s Environmental Policy (No Damage to the environment)

  • •Minimize the Environmental impacts.
    •Meet and/or exceed relevant legislation
    •Invest in Environmental activities
    •Provide personnel training and Environmental incidents
    •Maintain ISO 14001 certification

UGDC’s challenge is to achieve its goals while continuing to deliver energy products that support growth and social development around the world.


Environmental Performance

According to UGDC requirements, UGDC collects Environmental data. Collected Environmental data are used to:

•Evaluate performance trends
•Monitor performance against company targets
•Provide data for the annual report.
•Selectively share with our benchmarking partners to analyze performance between companies.


Increase the ambient air pollutions above the law limits can lead to dangerous impacts on the public health and workers. One person needs/day 1 kg. Food, 2 kg. Water and 14-18 kg. Air. Therefore, Egyptian environmental Laws 4/94 and 9/09 state several articles regarding the environmental register for industrial companies. The main objective of these articles are to enable company to reduce emissions, lower the production cost & reducing the environmental risks, and this needs periodically environmental monitoring such as air quality, noise, heat stress, wastewater & exhaust gas analysis for combustion equipment. For environmental compliance, measured results need to be compared with the law limits 4/94 & 9/2009.  
-  To achieve the above objective, a letter of award from the Chairman of UGDC involves agreement on a contract between UGDC and CAIRO University Center for Environmental Studies to proceed with the above describes environmental monitoring for UGDC.


1.Monitoring emission levels for ambient air quality such as:Toxic products of combustion; NO2, SO2 (Acid rain), CO, and Dust (MP10).
2.Monitoring noise levels, heat stress, and relative humidity.
3.Analysis of water from oily water unit and water from the treated sewage water unit at Port-Said Plant.
4.Analysis of exhaust gases from combustion equipment.


The above parameters are measured at six locations on Port-Said UGD Plant, and two locations on Damietta UGD Plant.


Continuously (NO2, SO2), discontinuously (CO, Dust, Noise, Heat stress, Water and exhaust gas analysis).

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